Support Memo S7245 (Ramos / A8117 (Bronson) Relates to contracted network pharmacy use

Support Memo  S7245 (Ramos / A8117 (Bronson) Relates to contracted network pharmacy use

The Pharmacists Society of the State of New York (“PSSNY”) supports the passage of this legislation that will protect patient choice in the selection of their pharmacy.

Under current law, injured workers are restricted to pharmacies that are in the employer's Workers Compensation Insurance network in all cases except for emergency care. With this bill, an employer may continue to contract with a network pharmacy, and encourage injured workers to use that pharmacy.

However, the legislation carefully protects the injured worker’s right to choose their pharmacy. If enacted, the bill would empower injured workers to obtain prescription medications from an in-state brick and mortar pharmacy of their choice.

In granting this important choice of pharmacies, the bill requires the Workers Comp insurer to reimburse that pharmacy for the product dispensed and services rendered to the injured worker "in accordance with the fee schedule and formulary" established in New York State regulations.

A patient’s relationship with a particular pharmacy or pharmacist is personal and must be protected. Pharmacists provide advice and guidance on some of the patient’s most important and intimate decisions. Patients deserve legal protections in place to make sure that relationship is not disturbed.

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